Nutripuncture®, a time-tested modality from France, aims to support the client’s ability to interact with the environment in a balanced and authentic way, living life with to the fullest potential.

Based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Neuroscience, Psychology, to name a few, Nutripuncture® aims to restore the individual’s meridian system taxed by the individual’s context, environment, and personal projections of himself, others, and life in general.

Instead of needles, a Nutripuncture® practitioner uses trace mineral combinations to specifically address the client’s imbalances by rebalancing the body’s meridians. Nutripuncture® works very similarly to Acupuncture, but without needles and thus is often called “Acupuncture without Needles.”

These trace minerals are essential nutrients that work on the cellular level and act as a tool to energetically restore physical, emotional, and psychological equilibrium. In-depth testing allows the client and the therapist to work together to narrow down the possible root cause of pathologies. The client’s individual context is taken into account. Upbringing, education, belief systems, environments, and other factors are taken into consideration when mapping out the client’s program.

Nutripuncture® spans a wide spectrum of applications – from physical challenges, psychological difficulties, childhood trauma, and relationship conflicts to self-development and self-discovery.

Very often clients have already started to work with psychotherapists, psychologists or other therapists to master depression, phobias, anxiety or physical ailments only to come to a standstill at one point.

I noticed that even though a lot of transformation could be achieved, it has not reached the cellular level. Often the disturbed information of a psychological or physiological trauma, relationship, upbringing, separation, and dependency is still the program buried deeply in the cellular memory.

Using information gained in the sessions, an individualized protocol is established to harmonize specific meridians affected by the events in the client’s life.

Once the correct information is re-integrated on a cellular level, clients experience faster shifts in their energy levels, emotional stability, connection with themselves and others, improved relationships, wellbeing, and generally life with more joy and ease.