This is a 4 day basic hypnosis training that is the pre-requisite for Past Life Regression Training. The student will be introduced to both the traditional and Ericksonian Hypnosis techniques. This foundation training includes lectures, live demonstrations, pair work, supervision, and reading assignments.

This Foundation course focuses heavily on honing the practical skills of participants for them to be confident and at ease once starting to work with clients. Pre-course reading and assignments, as well as case studies and post-course assignments, assure that participants not only have the practical skills but also a solid understanding of what Hypnosis is, how to apply the techniques learned, and how it can be practiced successfully.

This training is suitable for experienced therapists and professionals who need to develop hypnosis skills before taking the later regression therapy. Applicants without formal qualifications must be able to demonstrate interest, enthusiasm, and life experience appropriate to the helping professions and show aptitude and potential for studying.

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Regression Training

Regression Training explores past life and healing in the spirit realms, bridging and clearing energy blocks, body therapy and current life regression, and healing trauma and spirit releasement. These four workshops take 16 years and the Diploma program is completed over the period of one year. It includes lectures, demonstrations, experiential exercises, pair work, supervision, and assignment reading.

The program is divided into four blocks of a full day of training each, spread over the period of one year. The training is extensive in its teaching of theory and practical application. Participants are encouraged to work through their own personal challenges with guided support throughout the training in order to become better therapists and be able to move on personally. Several pair work sessions within each module are designed to help participants to practice the demonstrated skills and gain confidence in the application.

During the training, the whole range of Regression Therapy – past and current – as well as other topics such as aspects of psychodrama, body therapy to release frozen body memories, clearing of energetic blockages, interview, and business set-up are covered.

The skills attained in the training are then deepened through client case studies in between modules, pre- and post-course assignments, and diploma case studies at the end of the training.

The training program is open for all qualified professionals and therapists. Applicants without formal qualifications must be able to demonstrate interest, enthusiasm, and life experience appropriate to the helping professions.

A qualification and experience using hypnosis is required. For those without, a short intensive hypnosis training workshop is offered which leads to a Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis. This training is accredited by the International Board of Regression Therapy and meets the requirements to be a professional member of the European Association of Regression Therapy and the General Hypnosis Register.

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Life Between Lives Training

Life Between Lives explores soul memories from the last past life and explore their current life’s life purpose. This can last up to four hours and is based on the work of pioneers such as Michael Newton.

In this training, led by Andy Tomlinson, students will gain the skills and knowledge to guide clients into deep hypnosis and through their soul memories. In a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression session, the client explores on a soul memory level his relationship to his spirit guide and his soul group and gain a deeper understanding of his life’s journey, his progress as a soul, what lessons he brought with him into this current life based on previous life experiences, and what other life choices he could have had. Main lessons for the current life are usually planned together by the Council of Wise Ones, the soul, and its Spirit Guide, always honoring the soul’s free wil

The pre-requisite for this 4-day training is qualification and experience in both Hypnosis and Regression Therapy.

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