Finger Yoga

Antoinette will demonstrate simple but powerful mudras to address various themes common to many people today. You are welcome to choose the workshop most important to you or join in all of them to bring these effective tools into your life and that of your family.


Our Healing Hands

We use our hands to communicate how we feel and to feel better. We often put our hand onto our heart centre to show sadness or empathy. We also do this to help ease our own heartache. Or we put our hand on the lower back when our breath is laboured. Touch is intuitive, powerful and an integral part of our being. Gestures are ancient and cultural and how we use them has been an innate part of who we are.

Everything is a microcosm, a map of a larger universe. In reflexology, the foot and the ear relate to the entire body so it’s not surprising that our hands, the instrument of touch and connection with the environment, have their own meanings. You may be familiar with the mound of Venus or the life line from astrology and palmistry. Perhaps less well-known is that each finger represents an element and chakra or corresponds to a meridian family or relates to an attitude.

What are Mudras?

In a word, mudra. The exact origin of mudra is unknown and the most quoted translation is from the Sanskrit word meaning “seal”. Mudras are used in symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism but can be seen in Egyptian ruins and ancient Indian statues. They are also used in yoga and martial arts. Like the mysterious origins of the word itself, mudras are mystical in nature but yet can be so simple, practical and very effective.

Mudras are usually gestures and positions of hands and fingers but can be of the entire body. By touching finger or thumb pad to pad or pad to finger crease with one or both hands, we are able to tap into an amazing range of benefits. Specific positions facilitate energy flow on different levels and direct the life energy emitted by our fingers toward parts of the body. Connecting our fingers create circuits that can help us connect to different frequencies of energies, including divine energy and cosmic consciousness. Mudras also help to activate meridians and chakras, bringing balance to the body.

There are mudras for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Mudra practice can open the door to inner peace, wellness and awareness. Moods and attitudes can be altered, allowing for greater self-knowledge. The positions can be as simple as making the OK sign or more complex involving both hands interlacing in intricate arrangements. Truly finger yoga. However, the effectiveness does not correlate with the complexity of the mudra.

Done consistently, even a few minutes a day, different hand positions can bring about significant change. You can combine mudras with meditation or mantra but you can easily do them on their own, whenever and wherever you are.

Every moment you hold a mudra, you are exercising flexibility of the body and of the mind. Being the mudra helps quiet the monkey brain, key to embodying different perspectives and allowing greater receptivity to all of life. Surrender is the core of yoga and finger yoga is no different. Even if just for a few mintues a day, let go and become the moment.

Going inward and devoting the practice to yourself, you can enter a sanctum of inner peace no matter where you are. The root of the word mudra is also from two other words – MUD, meaning delight and RA, meaning draw forth. So when you sit with yourself and the mudra, see what joy you can draw forth from your being. Seal in your intention for whatever change you desire.

Finger Yoga 1 – Balancing Emotions

Finger Yoga 2 – Fatigue, Stress, Detoxifying from Head to Toe

Finger Yoga 3 – 10 Steps for Abundance

S$70 for each workshop or $150 for all 3

Inner Focus for Women

This series is for women looking to explore the deeper roots of challenge in their lives. In an intimate setting, these three meet ups will cover the areas of emotion, relationship, work, self-knowledge, and time. Tools such as EFT, The Work of Byron Katie, and Art will be provided through this cycle of three meetings, each one paired with a focus to help support the circle of women to move beyond limitations to gain new perspectives and self-awareness in day-to-day challenges.


The Emotional Freedom Technique uses an acupressure technique that are now being used by medical doctors such as Dr Mercola to remove negative emotions, reduce and even eliminate pain, and to release trauma. The tapping sequence is simple. It can be learned quickly and can be done whenever it is needed.

The Work of Byron Katie
Self-inquiry involves four basic questions to identify and examine “the thoughts that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world” (Byron Katie). This process helps to undo the thoughts to allow peace and vitality.

Mantra, Mudras, Mandalas
The trinity of mantra, mudras, and mandalas are a powerful way to access well-being.

S$80 for each meet up or $200 for all 3


Inner Landscape Meditation

In this trilogy, Antoinette creates the perfect space to release negatives thoughts and emotional baggage in your subconscious, reconnect with your Inner Child, and anchor joy, happiness, and confidence within yourself.


Working with your subconscious on a regular basis allows for a positive outlook, higher energy levels, a deeper sense of self, improved relationships, and so much more.

Using sound, guided imagery, inquiry, and therapeutic-grade essential oils, Antoinette invites you to embark on a journey within your inner landscape to connect with yourself. Expand your inner map to create what you desire most.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the meditation. No late comers are accepted.

S$70 per session (75min) or S$150 for all 3


Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation

Take in the healing and relaxing benefits of the overtones and harmonics of the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The Singing Bowl Meditation is 1.15 hr and is $25.


Himalayan Singing Bowl Workshop

In ancient times, singing bowls were used for storage of food, meditation, religious practice, and healing. They are treasured still today for their healing properties and the ability to induce much needed relaxation and left-right brain balance.

What we use for the Himalayan Singing Bowl Workshop are handcrafted bowls, with seven metals melted together into the shape of a bowl, the hammering still visible, and a particular smell and wonderful rich harmonic overtones. We will use these bowls to restore harmony and inner silence during this weekend workshop.


Disharmony in the energetic flow of the body creates blockages, which over time may manifest in disease. Restoring the natural vibrational energy of the body part in disharmony through sound, or vibration, supports the body to return to its innate balance.

Imagine throwing a stone into the clear still water of a pond. The impact of the stone will create ripples on the water’s surface. Since our body contains about 75% water, the vibration created by the sound of a bowl can easily travel through the various layers of our body deep within.

Using a composition of seven different metals, Himalayan Singing Bowls produce up to five audible individual tones at the same time, creating a tapestry of vibrations. These harmonic tones gentle guide the brain into the Alpha and Theta frequencies, known to induce a clear mind, a deep meditative state, and inner peace.

On a physical level these healing modality can reduce muscle pains and tension, reduce heart rate, and increase left-right brain balance, therefore optimizing health and well-being.

This workshop is for anyone who would like to use sound as a therapeutic tool, spend some time exploring the healing properties of overtones and rich singing bowl sounds, or to explore inner stillness and reflection through sound.

Day 1 10am – 2pm History – Different Types of Bowls – Ways to Create Sound – Chakras – Using a set of 4 bowls and 6 bowls to heal

Day 2 10am – 2pm Revision – Muscle Relaxation and Pain Reduction with Bowls – How to Play a Concert – Refining the Strokes

S$350, including light lunch. Maximum 8 participants. Singing Bowl sets are provided for the workshop and can be purchased after class.


Mandala - Inner Essence

Mandalas have been used in almost every culture to symbolize the unity of everything – everything being a part of the whole in a constant circle of creation and destruction. As a sacred circle, the mandala can be considered the focal point of getting in touch with our Essence, having no beginning or end. Like the circle itself. Join us for a deeply satisfying and experiential afternoon.


As in life, in the Mandala-Inner Essence workshop, it is not about the destination but about the journey itself.

Using sound, meditation, and mudras, we turn deeper and deeper within, with the focus on colours, shapes, and patterns. At the end of a few hours, being with yourself, you take home a snapshot of your Inner Self, a reflection of yourself, dreams, feelings, aspirations, and inner truth.

Rediscover your creativity, reestablish inner harmony, and rediscover a part of your Inner Self.

S$150, includes recorded meditation, work materials, and a small give-away. The Mandala-Inner Essence workshop is three hours.


Stress Away

Is everyday stress dragging you down?

Is your low energy level keeping you from doing what you want?

What if you can boost your energy, brighten your day, and simply be a happier you?


Nourish yourself with an easy simple-to-do program with a powerful blend of ancient mudras and Japanese healing techniques. Clean your inner engine to prevent wear and tear, stress, fatigue, and that oh-so familiar emotional roller coaster ride.

Come see how quickly you can turn your energy level around and achieve emotional balance. And start enjoying life once again.

S$90. Stress Away is 2 hours.

Your Soul Map

Where do I come from?

Did I really choose my parents?

What makes me choose the same kind of relationships over and over again?

Why on earth did I pick this body?

Why would anyone want to go through negative life experiences?

What happens after I die?


“There is an explosive interest in regression therapy and spiritual psychotherapy throughout the world and it is a recurring theme in our popular culture.” – Brian Weiss

Responding to the increasing demand in Regression Therapy in her practice, Antoinette will share how tapping into hidden subconscious memories enables clients to release phobias, recurring dreams, unexplainable pain, intense emotions, and relationship issues.

Moving on from the exploration of past lives, Antoinette then explores with the participants the journey of the soul from one lifetime to the next.

Sharing her experience as a Regression Therapist and own Regression sessions, Antoinette will lay out the soul’s journey as a metaphysical concept: choices, lessons, contracts, soul group, karma, the different perspectives of birth and death, and life between life.

The workshop ends with a group meditation which may give you a glimpse into one of your past lives.

S$80 for Your Soul Map Workshop (3 hours)