InnerDynamics Map is a holistic health practice using a broad range of holistic and alternative therapies and treatments, to guide people into their inner landscape, and to map it.

The therapies can be effective to correct physical and psychological imbalances. One key area we focus on here at InnerDynamics Map is relationships, which are pivotal in our clients' wellbeing, be it family, work or social. We also often neglect the most important relationship, the one with ourselves. If you are struggling with relationship problems, work with us to find your perfect solutions.

What's more, we also offer workshops to teach you efficient tools to gain a deeper understanding about yourself, how to navigate your emotional and mental landscape, so that you can live a happier and more fulfilling life.

The InnerDynamics Map website is a portal of information on popular and effective healing techniques. Regression therapies such as Past Life Regression and Spiritual Regression can help identify problems in the subconscious mind and then identify ways to counteract these problems whether they are physical, psychological, or emotional. Nutripuncture and Jin Shin Jyutsu focus on restoring the energetic balance of the body to awaken the body’s innate healing abilities. TimeWaver Information Field Technology uses quantum physics technology to detect possible root causes for physical and emotional blocks and offers solutions to resolve these.

Learn about each of the different holistic techniques that we offer to determine which is most suitable for you and if you are in any doubt whatsoever do contact us – we're always happy to answer questions and help formulate a healing plan for you.

Inner Dynamics

InnerDynamics is a powerful way for clients to access inner peace. It provides them with tools they can apply in any situation to reduce stress levels and return into a healthy balanced state of emotional well being.
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Past Life Regression Therapy

With past life regression therapy, it is believed that a patient’s physical or psychological suffering may be caused by an incident in a past life. While the patient may be unable to remember the incident, because it is buried in their subconscious, it may be the cause of their current suffering.
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Spiritual Regression

Through spiritual regression it is possible to find greater inner peace, a sense of knowing that you are taking the right steps and heading in the right direction. You can use the information that you gain in order to help you rise to challenges and overcome obstacles that are put in front of you.
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Based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Neuroscience, Psychology, to name a few, Nutripuncture aims to restore the individual’s meridian system taxed by the individual’s context, environment, and personal projections of himself, others, and life in general.
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Jin Shin Jyutsu (Inner Flow)

Where acupuncture and other holistic therapies rely on the use of 300 or more points in the body, Inner Flow Therapy is surprisingly simple but highly effective. It is an entirely non-invasive process and does not require massage or manipulation. Instead, the practitioner places their fingers over clothing and on the appropriate energy locks on the body enabling energy to flow freely once again.
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